About Jo Sun Coffee 關於早晨咖啡

What does coffee mean to you? A cup of soul awakening liquid that kick starts your day? Or is it something that associates motivation and productivity to you?


But have you ever thought about how coffee could change the livelihood of many farmers? The velvetty flat white you sip in can be the painstaking labour of an Ethiopian coffee farmer. At Jo Sun, we seek to reform the appearance of caffeine. We want to surprise your tastebuds with the hidden qualities in our beloved coffee beans.

在喝咖啡的時候,你有想過你口中的咖啡有可能改變一班農夫的生計嗎?你喝下去的一口flat white其實是埃塞俄比亞的咖啡農辛勤的成果?早晨咖啡的開始源於致力改變大眾對咖啡的觀感、打破一般人以為咖啡就是又黑又苦的看法!我們希望能夠將每一刻咖啡豆的潛能發揮出來,讓大眾明白精品咖啡的精!


Pour-over (handrip) 手沖咖啡

Do not mistake coffee world! Coffee does not have to be intense and punches right in your sensory. Different brewing method produces different coffee just like how you and me are different. If you prefer mild flavours, pour-over (hand-drip) coffee is definitely your perfect cup.


Pour-over is not just Jo Sun’s favourite method but also an art! You do not need expensive machines to achieve the perfect cup of coffee. You only need precise water temperature to bring out the tasting notes contained in the beans. Your pour-over coffee is simply like a story book. When the temperature drops, a new page is turned over to tell you more about the beans.