Finding Your Perfect Cup

During this Specialty Coffee Journey, Jo Sun Coffee escorted all attending coffee lovers' taste buds and senses travel around the world by savouring 5 single origin coffees from different parts of the world, exploring the distinct qualities each bean has to offer and letting the unique beans to invigorate their senses. Jo C, Kenson and Walter all certified CQI Q-Graders (coffee bean graders), shared with the attendees the stories behind each coffee bean and specialty coffee map.

Workout, Drink Coffee & Eat Cake for Ladies

Our wonderful event in collaboration  with the outdoor workout enthusiast, Qintensity and the city's rising baking star, YellowCircle, was a huge success! The diligent ladies and mammies had a great afternoon taking care of their physique and souls! 

Thank you all for joining and special thanks to our sponsors, Kafnu Hong Kong, Cetaphil and Cue Children for the immense support!

Looking forward to our next FSDHK event!

See you guys soon!

Jo Sun's Charity Event on 5 November 2017 

Jo Sun would like to thank all the kind souls who sponsored directly and indirectly and 165 Little Dreams for this valuable and meaning opportunity! The net proceeds raised through the coffee workshop had all been donated to the rebuilding project of nonprofit education centre UAEC in Kalaymyo of Northern Myanmar.

This had helped fund the education of 165 children in Myanmar!

--- Special Thanks to YellowCircle for sponsoring the venue ---





Jo Sun's First Charity Event on 6 November 2016

Our very first charity event for raising funds for a school in Myanmar. All these generous souls enjoyed a unique coffee experience while learning a lot of new cupping terms and skills!