Hand Drip Coffee Bags

We believe there is no need for us to reiterate the beauty and convenience of hand drip bag!

Each box contains 5 individually packed hand drip bag and each bag contains 10g of grinded coffee, which makes a perfect brew for 250ml of hot single origin coffee.

For both Hong Kong and overseas orders, please Instagram or Facebook message or email us your order (hello@josuncoffee.com)(please tell us the origin and amount you would like to order).

By Roasters

DROP Coffee Roasters The Coffee Collective
Stockholm, Sweden Copenhagen, Denmark
El Savador Los Andes Washed Bourbon Ethiopia Jimma Limu Kosa
Chocolate, Green Apple, Roasted Almonds Dried fruits, Melon, Nougat
HKD22 per drip bag HKD22 per drip bag
La Cabra Coffee Roasters Hasbean Coffee Roasters
Aarhus, Denmark Seighford, UK
Kenya Gatomboya AA Washed Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Gerbota Tadess Roba Washed
Blackberries, Grape, Hisbiscus Floral, White Sugar, Sweet Lemon
HKD22 per drip bag HKD22 per drip bag


By Countries

Brazil Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (Natural)
10g x 5 10g x 5
HKD 60 HKD 60
Soft, nutty, low acid, with nice bittersweet chocolate tastes  Light-footed, lively acidity; satiny mouthfeel, fruit bomb, berry-like
Costa Rica Indonesia
10g x 5 10g x 5
HKD 60 HKD 60
Intense, Fragrant, Brown Sugar, very floral with a bit of a soft fruit tone, clean cup, juicy, floral, sweet and bright Tabacco, smokey, liqourice and tea-like, sweet and with low acidity, a medium body and complex earthy aroma.
Yunnan, China
10g x 5
HKD 60
Rich and complex coffee with soft nut and honey flavors, with an elegant winey undertone.